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Let's Build a Console Table

Do you ever get lost down the rabbit hole trying to find affordable home furniture, and find yourself daydreaming over pieces that are just too expensive? I know I do, and I can never take the leap on spending big bucks for something. Call me cheap ( I prefer frugal) but in the end, I'm just not going to splurge on an item that I can build myself.

Our newly renovated mudroom had a lonely blank wall that needed a little console table. I could picture what I wanted so we went to work and built our own, custom to size for our space, and since so many of you loved the result, I have put our steps and plans together so you can create your own.

You know what is even better? The whole project cost us under $50 dollars to make!!

Here's what you'll need-


1 8ft 2x12 board (We used spruce and pine for our table)

2 8ft 2x2s

2 8ft 1x2s


Stain of Choice (I used a combo of Red oak and Weathered Oak by Minwax)

We started by selecting the tabletop measurement and cut our 2x12 to 3'6". The board we had was 10ft long but if you don't have the tools to cut at home, you can take these measurements to the hardware store and have them cut in store!

We then moved on to cutting our legs. In the end we went with 30.5" length. We also cut our leg ends at a 5 degree angle so that they weren't just pointing straight down. If you've watched The Office and know of Michael Scott's homemade table, you'll know what I mean.

Originally we had cut our legs at 34 inches but it was far too tall for a console table. As you can see below, it looked a bit out of proportion.

Secure your legs to the tabletop with screws.

Now it was time to make this table look a lot more "store bought". We added boards between the legs both on the front/back and between the legs on the sides. You'll need 1x2 lumber for these bars and require the following measurements for the cuts

2x 6 inches (between legs on the sides)

2x 25 1/2 inches (across the front and back of the table)

I used my brad nailer and wood glue to secure these pieces in between the legs. You could use wood screws to attach these pieces as well, but because I used 1x2 boards, I didn't want to split the wood or have screw holes to patch.

Now, I definitely had moments of slight panic when building this table, especially pre wood distressing and staining. It looked cheap and poorly made, but I pushed on and here is where it became fun!

The inspiration I had for my table had an antique, well loved vibe to it, meaning there were perfectly imperfect dings, scratches, chunks and knots all showing in the wood. This is when you can take out any stresses you have on your new furniture piece.

I went at mine with a few different power tools, including a planer, jigsaw, wire brush drill bit and a sander. I took chunks out, scratched it up and gave it some character. After adding the perfect amount of "age", I sanded down all of the rough edges and rounded off the corners of my legs. Ready for stain!

The amazing thing about DIY, is that you can have unique pieces in your spaces that no one else does! You may make your own console table using these plans, but you may choose a different size, or stain colour than me, and that's the best part! I listed the stains I used above which included Weathered Oak and Red Oak, both Minwax products.

I applied a coat of Weathered Oak first, but it applied and dried too grey for what I was picturing. I applied a coat of the Red Oak over top but immediately panicked because it was much darker than I was wanting, so I rubbed it off right away. Most stain directions suggest leaving them on 5 minutes or more before wiping off the excess, however out of pure worry, I wiped it immediately. Hoping to tone down some of the red and lighten it again, I applied another coat of the Weathered Oak... and it was PERFECT!!

This table is simple and functional in our little mudroom and I am thrilled with how it all came together. If you have any questions regarding the plans or products, reach out below, and if you build your own, make sure to send me a picture or tag me on IG (@makeitlikemegs)

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