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Endy Vs. Purple

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

A while back it seemed like every commercial on TV was advertising the phenomenon of the “Bed in a Box”- Company after company, all claiming they had the best one. My skeptical mind found it hard to believe that there was a vast difference in all of these products, but I was very intrigued by the idea of receiving a full mattress at your door in only a box!!

When I had the opportunity to work with Endy and experience their product, I was over the moon, especially since they are a Canadian company with amazing core values. I appreciate this in the products we bring into our home. We have been sleeping on our Endy mattress for almost a year now, and I have had the best sleeps of my life since we made the switch. I really cherish a good night sleep after working years of shift work; my body really needs rest.

Last month another opportunity arose and I was able to sleep test the Purple mattress and compare the qualities of each product. Are you ready to see if we truly noticed a sleep difference?

Let’s compare!

The Arrival

The Endy mattress came to our door in an easy-to-move, cardboard box, which I couldn’t believe was holding a king-sized bed. I was able to move around easily in order to get it into the bedroom, remove it from the box and set it up all on my own.

The Purple mattress comes in a large carrier bag and is very heavy, much to my surprise. It definitely weighs a lot more than the Endy. I was unable to move it by myself and even with the assistance of my husband, it was hard to move around.

Both mattresses were comparable when it came to unwrapping and the expansion on the bed frame.

So now it was time to compare our sleep experience because let’s face it, that’s really what we want to know!

The Experience

When you first get any mattress, there is going to be an adjustment period. When we first started sleeping on our Endy I thought for sure it would take a couple of weeks to feel truly comfortable, but it was only a matter of two days and I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud- it's soft but also supportive. If it is not only you in the bed, (which adds an extra factor because someone else also needs to adjust to it too), an amazing thing about the Endy is that you can barely feel any motion transfer, so even if your partner is a lighter sleeper and gets up through the night (like mine) or may need a few extra days of adjusting, you can sleep soundly as if you’re all by yourself!

After a week of sleeping on the Purple, I was experiencing a bit of back pain based on the firmness of the mattress. On the information card provided by the Purple team with your mattress, it does state that you should sleep a minimum of 21 days on the mattress to allow your body to adjust to the firmness and support of the product.

We completed the recommended 21 day period and I still wasn’t sold on the quality of sleep I was getting each night. I also noticed more movement throughout the night compared to our Endy. I always knew when my husband would get out of bed and I do not like to be disturbed!!

The Endy and the Purple mattresses are created out of completely different materials which I was excited to compare. The Endy is created with Comfort Foam ( a breathable top layer) then a transition layer of foam to eliminate motion transfer, and a firm base layer to provide support. The Purple is topped with a polymer material that is formed into a grid, with three additional layers of foam underneath. Both mattresses provide cooling technology ensuring a comfortable temperature each night.

I did notice the grid texture below the cover on the Purple which I couldn’t really get used to.

The points above are the top things people look for when mattress shopping, myself included,

but I also wanted to point out a few unique points I noticed that mean a lot to me as well.

Washing Ability

Having a dog in the house, especially one who loves the outdoors but also loves a good bed snuggle, can be a bit on the muddy side. My little bug loves to surprise us in the night by

jumping up, but that also means there can be lots of dog hair or muddy feet. A huge perk to the

Endy mattress is that the removable fabric cover can be zipped off and put into the washing

machine on a gentle cycle!

The Purple does not recommend this method for their mattress and instead advises to spot clean

any stains if required.

Core Values

I love to learn about company values and not just about the products they sell. When researching Purple through their website, I noticed they do partner with Precious Dreams in the US to provide product donations to children in need, as well as offering some select discounts to professions such as military, education and healthcare etc.

Endy goes above and beyond in this field, which I find so important and it truly shows the Canadian qualities in their business. From donating new to gently used mattresses across the country to charity and not-for-profit organizations, to focusing on Healthcare professionals during a time they have worked so hard, by donating mattresses to their call rooms, it's a big win in my eyes! To date, they have donated more than12,000 mattresses.

Knowing the Endy mattresses are donated and recycled instead of sent to the landfills is so comforting to me. I was unable to get the same warm and fuzzy feeling from Purple when researching their site.

The Verdict

Everyone will have their own sleep needs and preferences, but as you can see, my top choice was definitely the Endy mattress. I love going to bed every night now and I can sleep soundly knowing I will be able to enjoy this mattress for years and years - especially given it's 15- year warranty. Click here to get yours! Delivery is fast and free across Canada, and it comes with a 100- night trial.

*mattresses were gifted by Endy for testing and review purposes, but opinions are my own

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1 Comment

Dec 28, 2022

Does Endy have equally comfortable pillows?

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